Hey, so recently I’ve been working on some conceptual design drawings for a project I’m working on down at Auckland’s Waterfront. I wont go too far into detail into the project as (as you’ll be able to tell by the sketches) its not very much developed itself.

My concept all relates to Auckland’s relationship to water and paying special attention the the waters edge at this stage.

More info coming but for now just playing around with some sketchy fun drawings.

Looking into water connections

Possible foot traffic journey’s to the building.

Bit of mixed media sketching.. always fun.

Playing with the idea of semi temporary structures. revolving around the ability to be opened closed depending on different situations.

Again playingwith mixed media. sketching possible shelter based architecture.

I think the main thing with conceptual drawing is to have fun. Its really your last chance to explore before getting into the nitty gritty technical drawings.

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