Italia 2011

So I thought since I haven’t got any studio or uni drawings on the go at the moment due to the sweet sweet holiday break,- which I find myself filling the days reading nonsense architectural  philosophy books  for a paper I have to write soon…- I would post up some renders and drawings from my trip to Italy last year where we spent some time doing a specific social housing brief , designing in and around travelling throughout what could possibly one of the most beautiful countries on Earth!

Me and two other Kiwi Lads spent about an hour and a half sitting in front of  Michelangelo’s “David” in absolute awe of this beautiful sculpture! As a big lover of art, and the Italian Renaissance in particular, I was blown away to be in the same room as this and can absolutely recommend the 7am wake up and hours wait in line to see this masterpiece of Italian sculpture!

One of the renders we did for the studio project. We designed a social housing complex that linked communities together, and this is a shot of a central courtyard we incorporated as an exterior social space for people within the community to gather and socialize in

The idea of bringing people together and really put emphasis on the social aspect of this complex became a real driver in the design process. The idea was to have linking bridges between buildings allowing people to move around the different buildings, not only allowing better access to the activity spaces each building had (such as gyms, libraries etc) but also acts as a social cultural activity among the residents, as they walk along the bridges (even to certain elevators located on every second building, -as stairs are the common in buildings such as these in Europe- ) they can meet and share events of the day with other residents further driving the social factor of the complex.

All apartments allowed for natural light in all living spaces and bedrooms, a vital design requirements that Auckland apartments seem to somehow get away without! I’d live here… I’m slightly bias ofcourse.


I do have more sketches of buildings and locations from Italy and Florence in particular (the city I was predominately based in) but due to scanning problems they’ll have to be uploaded at a further date, apologies.