Architectural Technology

Architectural Technolgy…. you know slaving away at drawings for hours.. no stratch that DAYS at a time can be hard enough without having to include the structural and engineering detailing required in Architecture Technology papers.. These are some hand drawn examples of work done for two new buildings in Aucklands CBD.

The two buildings are Q theatre on Queen street, and ASB’s new Office Headquarters at Winyard Quater.


Drawings of the Exterior cladding system and how it relates to the interior of the building.


Balustrade Detail- Q theatre

This is a service engineer drawing I did to show the Heating and Cooling methods for the new ASB Building.

Structural Axonometric Drawing- Q above. ASB below

Detail of the Public Canopy outside ASB

Diagramatic Drawing showing the location of Vertical Services in the building

Typical Wall Panel design- ASB


Many Pencils were harmed during the making of these drawings…. long may they rest.

R.I.P 2H…

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