Archistud nz_

Heya, Michael Cyra here.  I’m an Architecture student, currently living in Auckland New Zealand. Born in London, half Polish and fully committed to lady architecture, aka single… :/

This blog is a spin off from an earlier write up I started as a uni class project.. Soo basically I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while now and recently inspired by a good blogging friend of mine Mr Paul Stevens aka @RedDevilKiwi (follow him on twitter or read his blogs on FTBpro). But as any good archi student knows, we pencil holding type dont like reading words, and our grammar isnt the goodest.. and our spelling well…. so Ive decided to put together a blog that communicates the way all true archi students do… through pictures!

Give it a read/view and let me know what you think.. comment or follow me on twitter @MichaelCyra always keen to hear peoples views.. esp the fine, sleep deprived, Architectural minds out there!


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