Studio vs Arch Tech

Ok so, all Archi students out there know the diff between a Studio Presentation drawing and a Technical one.. but for those of you that dont, basically architecture students will do two seperate sets of drawings,

1- Studio style- Presented nice, rendered to the highest quality, photoshoped, cropped, contextualized… completely obsessed about really!!   and

2- Technical style- Usually black and white. Includes all the structure, services, generally for builders and council folk to see how it will be built. aka boring stuff really.

These two styles are about as different as Red and Blue.. But my question comes as what if they were one in the same……?

Hard to make a Services Schematic drawing look good, but the basic elements in this one explain what they need to but bring in the desperate need for colour, which all presentation drawings need to stop us instantly switching off and falling asleep whilst reading them.

Roof Garden Detail I designed for a studio Project of mine last year.

Balcony Detail- Showing Colour/Materials/Textures as well as the structrual detailing

Long Section drawing- this drawing lends a little more towards the Studio style but if you look carefully the expressed beams and columns reveal its technical requirements. I wanted to get a quite graphic feel to this drawing hence the resistance of bold colour and the slighly more saturated subtle presentation.

Cross sections are difficult to punch up as drawings, they tend to become flat and therefore less dramatic. It took me some time but im really happy with the way this drawing came out. And hey count the double tee flooring system!!!



Architectural Technology

Architectural Technolgy…. you know slaving away at drawings for hours.. no stratch that DAYS at a time can be hard enough without having to include the structural and engineering detailing required in Architecture Technology papers.. These are some hand drawn examples of work done for two new buildings in Aucklands CBD.

The two buildings are Q theatre on Queen street, and ASB’s new Office Headquarters at Winyard Quater.


Drawings of the Exterior cladding system and how it relates to the interior of the building.


Balustrade Detail- Q theatre

This is a service engineer drawing I did to show the Heating and Cooling methods for the new ASB Building.

Structural Axonometric Drawing- Q above. ASB below

Detail of the Public Canopy outside ASB

Diagramatic Drawing showing the location of Vertical Services in the building

Typical Wall Panel design- ASB


Many Pencils were harmed during the making of these drawings…. long may they rest.

R.I.P 2H…


Ok so 2011 was the last year of my Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies, and my final studio assignment brief was to deal to one of Auckland’s big issues! Its suburban context! Suburban Morphosis became a project in which we had a 9 hectare suburban site just outside of Auckland’s CBD, and had to design and create an suburban environment that was different (and hopefully better) than the already existent disastrous excuses of design that are flooding the greater Auckland region like a plague of brick and cladding with a G.J Gardener stamp attached!

My design was based around two great drivers.

A- My European background, and

B- My love of nature, sustainability and the beauty of the existing park site before build.

My answer… Living in the existing park, maintaining its natural beauty, enhancing its natural beauty…PARChitecture! pics to come!

Archistud nz_

Heya, Michael Cyra here.  I’m an Architecture student, currently living in Auckland New Zealand. Born in London, half Polish and fully committed to lady architecture, aka single… :/

This blog is a spin off from an earlier write up I started as a uni class project.. Soo basically I’ve been out of the blogging game for a while now and recently inspired by a good blogging friend of mine Mr Paul Stevens aka @RedDevilKiwi (follow him on twitter or read his blogs on FTBpro). But as any good archi student knows, we pencil holding type dont like reading words, and our grammar isnt the goodest.. and our spelling well…. so Ive decided to put together a blog that communicates the way all true archi students do… through pictures!

Give it a read/view and let me know what you think.. comment or follow me on twitter @MichaelCyra always keen to hear peoples views.. esp the fine, sleep deprived, Architectural minds out there!